Code of Conduct

Principle 1 Respect for Work Relationships, we shall not undertake actions that may unfairly or unlawfully jeopardize a work seeker’s employment or prevent a work seeker from seeking work from other sources.

Principle 2 Respect for Honesty & Transparency, we shall act honestly in all dealings with work seekers, clients and vendors.

Principle 3 Respect for Professional Knowledge, we shall strive to develop and maintain a satisfactory level of relevant and current professional knowledge.

Principle Respect for Confidentiality & Privacy, we must observe the highest principles of integrity, professionalism, equity and fair practice to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of candidate and client information.

Search Methodology

Define Objectives and Specifications

  • Understanding client’s business, market positioning, job profile in relation to corporate objectives, vision, culture and growth targets and subsequently prepare a Person specification based on these criteria.
  • Develop a search plan.


Identify and Assess Candidates

  • Industry profiling and mapping to attract the best fit candidates using database and network of contacts.
  • Identify candidates based on competency, experience and background.
  • Share long-list with the client.
  • Post a progressive discussion with the client, share shortlist along with candidate resumes.


Interviews, Selection & Joining

  • Coordinate and schedule Interviews.
  • Negotiate offer, acceptance and joining.
  • Resignation preparation.


Follow up

  • Ensure client satisfaction.
  • Ensure smooth transition and on-boarding of executive.