Salesforce Takes the Lead in Recruiting for Emerging AI Powered Positions

Salesforce Takes the Lead in Recruiting for Emerging AI-Powered Positions

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Salesforce is actively seeking prompt engineers, AI trainers, and ethical AI architects. The job market is experiencing an increasing demand for these specialized skills, spurred by the expanding opportunities in AI.

In an ever-changing job landscape, the need for fresh skills is growing, and companies such as Salesforce are at the forefront.

As per a report by TOI, Nathalie Scardino, the Chief People Officer at Salesforce, has stated that the company is actively hiring for roles like prompt engineers, AI trainers, and ethical AI architects. This transition mirrors the broadening horizons of opportunities driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

Scardino highlighted, “AI is driving the creation of jobs.” As traditional roles evolve to meet changing needs, AI introduces numerous new and lucrative positions in diverse sectors, including at Salesforce. “We’re currently recruiting for roles that didn’t exist just last year,” Scardino pointed out. One such position is the ethical AI architect, responsible for examining AI systems for bias in collaboration with product teams.

A notable evolution in corporate structures is the inclusion of the Chief AI Officer, tasked with formulating an organization’s AI strategy. Prompt engineers play a crucial role in shaping prompts for AI tools, guaranteeing precision and desired results. Meanwhile, AI trainers enhance chatbot responses using extensive datasets to mimic human-like interactions. AI architects create applications that prioritize responsible AI usage within regulatory frameworks.

A recent IDC white paper, sponsored by Salesforce, anticipates a surge in recruitment for positions such as data architects, AI ethicists, and AI solutions architects over the next year. The report predicts the emergence of 11.6 million new jobs within the Salesforce ecosystem alone in the next six years.

In response to this demand, Salesforce has overhauled its recruitment process, focusing on skills and fundamental competencies. According to Scardino, we’re matching jobs with suitable applicants based on leads from our career website, social media accounts, recruitment events, and more. Leveraging AI and automation streamlines talent acquisition, ensuring the ideal match for each role amid an influx of over 2 million yearly applicants.


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